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Membership will continue for the whole year 2017, until closure towards the end of that year


Service officer or widow receiving a pension in respect of Overseas Service, or spouse of such a person.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (i.e. for non-pensioners)

Anyone who was employed in colonial government service but who is not entitled to a pension in respect of such service and who is interested in the Association’s purposes and activities (other than related to pensions).

At the discretion of the Council, anyone who has a personal or professional interest in the Colonial Service and colonial administration and development generally.  This is an important category for people like academics, researchers, writers, or descendants of Overseas Service officers.


Annual subscription rates are as follows:

£25 for a service pensioner;
£15 for an associate member, widow pensioner or spouse.

Members resident outside Europe are asked to pay an additional £2 per annum to receive journals by airmail postage.

Subscriptions should be paid for the year 2017.  Thereafter:

  • If it is paid by deduction from your pension, either by DFID or by the Crown Agents, you need take no action.  We will inform those two agencies next year to cancel the pension deduction arrangements at the due time.
  • If it is paid by Standing Order, then after the payment for the year 2017 has been made, please tell your bank to cancel that arrangement.  If a payment is made after OSPA's bank account has been closed (towards the end of 2017) the money will be returned to the payer.
  • If it is paid by a single payment each year, then please pay it as usual for the year 2017, for the last time.

If you have any queries, please contact Andrea Wilson, Membership Secretary.